4 comments on “Abandoned

  1. Awesome shots! The top shot is breath taking, the cemetery chilling and the third…well, it is an amazing explore once you get inside, isn’t it?! One of my favorite locations…but then again, I tend to say that of each place I get to! Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep up the cool explores and great work 🙂

    • Have you actually managed to get inside this building – it looks amazing and would have been something to see in its day.

      • Yes, I have been inside and it was quite beautiful! Parts of the building are now faling in on itself and the level of decay is disheartening but you could tell it was absolutely amazing in its time. I’m currently writing a list of write ups for scheduled release; this particular explore makes a great story. I will add it to the topics and you can see it within a few weeks.

  2. There’s something sort of exciting if you like, when someone has a personal experience of a picture posted. I can troll the web and wonder whereas you can talk with first hand experience.

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